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National Convention

State delegate, Sandra Duckworth, attended her first LWVUS convention this year in Washington, DC. She returned with a full notebook and much to relay to members.

Workshops and plenary sessions were attended by 1700 delegates. Program, budget and elections were all part of the convention. Susan S. Lederman of New Jersey was elected national president along with two vice-presidents, a secretary-treasurer and 8 directors.

A special tribute to our own Pat Shutt upon her retirement from the national board was made before convention delegates in the form of a contribution to the LWVUS Education Fund collected and donated by her League peers from Hawaii. Mahalo to all who responded. This was a dual way of saying thanks to Pat for her dedication to LWVUS and leadership for all League members.

Honolulu, too, was commended for its fund raising ability through its vote count program.

Delegates also voted to adopt a study on Financing Health Care in the United States. Hawaii's League members who wish to be part of this study should let their local program coordinators aware of their interest in this issue.

National program is as follows: Government - Citizen Rights, Congress and the Presidency, DC Self-Government and Full Voting Representation, Election Process, Federal Agriculture Policy, Fiscal Policy and Voting Rights. International Relations-Arms Control, Military Policy and Defense Spending, Trade, United Nations, and U.S. Relations with Developing Countries. Natural Resources - Resource Management, Environmental Protection and Pollution Control and Public Participation. Social Policy - Equality of Opportunity, Meeting Basic Human Needs, Transportation and Urban Policy.

Issues for Emphasis include: Right of Privacy in Reproductive Choices, Recycling, Waste Reduction and Pollution Control, Federal Deficit and Budget, and Increasing Citizen Participation in the Electoral Process.

Sandra was able to meet with Senator Akaka and Representative Saiki. They both are "Motor Voter" supporters and are reflecting on campaign finance reform legislation.

A special report to the delegates focused on membership. Called Making a Difference: A Call to Partnership. it was made by an ad hoc committee of the national board. This committee made recommendations with regard to finance, fundraising and communications in addition to membership. Grassroots networking is the key to increasing membership the committee said. As League works to be a force in the 90's the full range of recommendations must be accomplished. See the full report in the files or ask Board Secretary, Anna Hoover, for a copy.

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