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Legislative Wrap-up

Legislative Coordinator, Evelyn Bender, provided Council attendees a synopsis of this year's legislative action as it pertained to League program. Here it is along with updated information followed by notes on the Governor's signing.

  1. Registration by Mail is Act 45 (1990) allows registration by mail or at the time of driver's license renewal.

  2. Reapportionment changes will bring Hawaii into conformity with the "one person one vote principle. HB 2052 The constitutional amendment portion will need voter approval in November.

  3. Filling Midterm Legislative Vacancies will be accomplished within 60 calendar days after the vacancy occurs. This is "LWVHI bill."

  4. Primary Election for the Board of Education - requires a nonpartisan primary election effective this next election.

  5. Other election bills passed which will strengthen the voter fraud law, allowing the chief election officer to do more voter education, controlling who has access to voter lists, and providing for further study and implementation of the electronic voting system.

  6. Education was much discussed and Marion Saunders and other proponents of choice in education gained support for such a system although no specific measure was passed.

  7. Reproductive Rights - anti-abortion measures were not heard this session.

  8. State Initiative - Marian Wilkins reported that League continued efforts to get and indirect measure enacted, along with other organizations, but much legislative resistance remains.

  9. Natural Resources - Pat Tummons, as LWVHI chair, noted that the Legislature has not been terribly responsive to environmental concerns. League spoke on solid waste management, solar water heating and enforcement powers.**

Legislative Access has received a lot of press coverage this year and Leaguers can be proud of its role in this area. Evelyn Bender reported on Public Access to the Legislative Process at Council. Common Cause, AAUW, and the Legislative Concerns Committee of the Council of Churches were League's partners in writing a "Position Paper on Public Participation in the 1989 Legislative Process." That paper, along with quiet lobbying, lead the way to many of the changes that occurred.

In April 1990 the House Majority Staff Office prepared a report which noted the above effort and outlined the problem areas that had been listed. As Evelyn noted in a June "Viewpoint," "the only public access room in the country was opened at the Capital. Equipped with computers, typewriters, and other materials for use by members of the public, the room, staffed by volunteers, was open 6 days a week."

Debbie Kimball, of Kauai, who has been working on Neighbor Island Access to the Legislature, provided members of Council with her League year wrap-up. Toll-free, touch-tone, fax ability, and access help (#548-1738) are telephone methods. Libraries, too, have computer and modem accessibility. Several pieces of legislation will enhance the above and future system improvements will further citizen access to the legislature.

**Pat Tummons will not be able continue as League's natural resources spokesperson and invites others who may be able to take on all, or part, of the task to give her a call - 261-7194. Mahalo, Pat! Lets keep League's voice in the Legislature on this most important subject.

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