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Board Notes

The State Board met following the State Council and again on June 16th. A digest follows. Members are welcome to read the full minutes filed in the office or to receive a copy - by calling secretary Anna Hoover. See Board listing for phone numbers and portfolio assignments.

The Board reiterated a policy that the president or appropriate board member receive or be called regarding important information being released to the public or press.

The Board also discussed and will send to local leagues reminder information and clarification regarding action on League positions. As above, this activity must be preceded by consultation of the appropriate board and followed by sending copies of letters, testimony and so forth to the appropriate board.

  • With the consent of the Local League Board, Local Leagues may speak or lobby on issues with their own local officials, their own state representatives or senators. or their own U.S. Representative or Senator on any League position on the local, state, or national program.

  • With consent of the State Board, Local Leagues may speak or lobby on issues with state officials, other than their own, on local program if it affects only their own locality, and on issues on state and national programs.

  • With the consent of the National Board, Local Leagues may speak or lobby other national officials on issues on a local program if it only affects their own locality, on a state program issue if it only affects their own state; and on national program issues.

State policies and procedures further clarify these and other League communications and operations.

Local League Liaison role will be shared by Anna Hoover and Evelyn Bender (in the fall).

Board members reviewed the pros and cons of having State Council "off-island." A recommendation will be made to the next board that similar arrangements be considered for the next council.

Aloha Airlines was commended for it support of League; their generosity made the Kauai council location a reality!

Two major election year activities were discussed. One item to be pursued is an educational voter information pamphlet on Board of Education candidates. Contact S and r a Duck- worth or Donna Bebber if you would like to work on this project.

The second will be the KGMB/ LWV de- bate project. Committee members will meet at 9 a.m. on July 17th. Call Sandra Duckworth if this is your "bag!" An advisory committee of community leaders will be sought. In addition to helping with debate details, the committee will be asked to aid in the integrity of campaigns.

Member input on statewide questions to be asked of debate participants is welcome.

Treasurer, Dorothy Doudna, has written the following to clarify the questions • Where does our funding come from? And • where does it go?

Total budget of the LWVHI for this fiscal year (1990-1991) is $14,384.00. Of that, only 27.8% comes from your League dues (per member payment, referred to as PMP)! Another 33% comes from fundraising, including the Corporate Drive and the current Membership Drive*. (Our heartiest thanks to all who have just sent us checks! We could not go on without you.) The remainder comes from other sources such as interest on our savings.

The new budget indicates that we will spend approximately 48% on General Administrative expenses such as rent, telephone, postage, copying and electricity. Action, program and voter service will require approximately 16%. Do not judge our action level by expenditures alone, however, for bus passes and other perks have helped us reduce lobbying costs.

Dorothy also noted that LWVHI received a $51.00 from national as part of the drive to increase membership by 10%. She also noted that growth in membership requires personal contact coupled with interest in local programs and early involvement in League activities.

Being considered is an ongoing project, such as note cards, to provide continuing funds.

*Members who have contributed during the membership drive to date are:

From LWV Honolulu-Belle K. Bernatowicz, Pauline Bender, Yvonne E. Chotzen, Col. Richard E. Gaspard, Emery A. Grantham, Patricia L. Hartwell, Grace H. Furukawa, Lois T. Home, M.A. Glover, M.D., Anne F. Lee, Rebecca B. Laing, M. Adeline Schutz, Edna R. Shoup, Marion L. Thorp, Paula A. Withrow.

From LWV Kauai - Howard Clark Dalton and Patricia B. Spillane.

From the Big Island LWV - Sherwood R. H. Greenwell, Sylvia M.V. Hammer and Catherine Z. Tignac.

Monies have been received with mahalo and aloha and will support LWVHI for this fiscal year.

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