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President's Message

President Sandra Duckworth has focused on several issues for her Viewpoints, KHPR Commentary and during legislative testimony.

"Don't be counted out!" Sandra said in support of the census. She urged Viewpoint listeners to answer the census questionnaire noting that human service, education, housing, transportation and economic development decisions are made by federal, state and local entities based on census results.

Making voter registration easier and more convenient was the thrust of a Commentary. Noting wide-spread community support for registration reform, Sandra states it has never received majority support from elected officials. Mail-in registration has been used successfully in many places; it is one of several areas deserving voter support and legislative attention.

Supporting H.B. 3398 H.D.1 before the Finance Committee, Sandra reiterated long-standing League positions saying, "The League believes that the Hawaii constitution should provide for fiscal responsibility in budgeting procedures and should be the framework which sets forth the structure of government, clearly states the major limitations placed upon governments, and preserves rights to the people."

Stating League's position on the Board of Education election was the theme for a March Commentary. Support for a non-partisan primary election for the BOE was stated. "It would work like this: the two candidates in the primary receiving the most votes for each available seat would be the nominees for the general election. This pre-selection process would reduce the number of candidates in the general election to a more manageable number, thus enabling the public to learn more about their qualifications and positions on educational issues. It would also lengthen the entire process, giving the electorate more time to become informed."

Sandra Duckworth

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