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Neighbor Isle Activities Reported

Debbie Kimball reports that Kaua'i recently became the site of video conference which linked the Governor with Kaua'i Mayor, Joanne Yukimura. As reported in earlier issues, Debbie has been involved with efforts to promote interisland linkages and improved public access.

"Celebrate 70 Years Since Women Won the Vote" was the August theme as female candidates joined League of Women Voters of Kaua'i, Business & Professional Women's Clubs and the Kaua'i County Committee on the Status of Women to celebrate women and men who today continue the struggle for equity for women.

Included in the program was an historical review of the 70 years of struggle taken from Women's America: Refocusing the Past edited by Linda K. Kerber and Jane DeHart Mathews and compiled by Debbie Kimball.

Oahu's voters who live within the Oceanic Cablevision or Chronicle areas will be able to see the final 8 BOE candidates respond to questions posed by moderator Karen Ahn for Honolulu's League of Women Voters Presents...

Karen introduces the program with an explanation of the voting process for Oahu's BOE candidates and then poses the same questions to each candidate in turn. Five minutes was allotted for each candidate's response, and the program was divided so viewers may choose a combination of Monday nights at 7 P.M. and Thursday nights at 6 P.M. to see all 8 express their views.

Turn to your public access Channel for this opportunity.

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