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Legislative Lobby Corps Needed

Leaguers interested in "working" in the legislature can "apply" easily. Just pick up your phone and call Evelyn Bender at #737-2524. The job description: interest in a League program subject; interest in the legislative process, and time and patience.

Pat Tummons, new to the "job" at. our legislature during the last session described her many hours as "fun." She found considerable personal gratification as a spokesperson for League on environmental issues.

Debbie Kimball, Kauai League's contribution to legislative action, says that her experience with legislative activities brought comfort in other situations in which she participates.

Members and their legislative areas are: Statewide Initiative-Marian Wilkins; Women's Rights - Donna Bebber; Natural Resources - Kiyoko Nitz; Vacancy - Evelyn Bender; Ethics and Campaign Finance - Sandra Duckworth; Education - Marion Saunders; and Reapportionment - Anne Lee.

Human Resource areas include meeting basic human needs, health care and welfare issues. These and other state and national program subjects can be addressed with the League viewpoint if you become part of the lobbying corps. Call today so you are ready on opening day.

The access room needs you. Starting January 1st you can help between 10-2 on Tuesdays or Thursdays. Training for computer use will be provided. See the article elsewhere for phone numbers.

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