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Dues Issues Clarified

Members are often besieged with requests from League. League is that kind of organization. Monetary resources or people power are always needed to continue League's dynamism.

Most members join at the local level, and some of these make contributions to that local League when paying dues or perhaps upon a local League request (Honolulu and other League increasingly earn extra support monies by counting votes or performing other revenue generating activities).

Each local League, in turn, pays monies to their State League and to the LWVUS for their share of expenses at those levels which are budgeted to be covered through a per-member payment

These payments are not sufficient, however, to underwrite the expenses needed to meet activities at those levels of league organization So very often state and national leagues send each member in their "district" a monetary request

Members are free to accept the request to support state or national needs or to not accept that request The same is true of decisions which must be made if Educational Funds at local, state or national levels send requests for support

All together we each may have between 3 to 6 League requests in any one year! No wonder people sometimes get confused, or even upset But it takes money to nun any organization and who should be tapped first? Members of course.

Give when you can.

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