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Board Highlights

Legislative Coordinator, Evelyn Bender, has also been involved with the Fair Access Coalition. The Coalition has sent a new draft of their report to Hawaii's Speaker of the House and President of the Senate. The earlier report had been received well and one of the off-shoots has been the public access room.

Volunteers are needed to staff this office starting January 1, 1991. Evelyn or representatives at Common Cause can take your name and schedule your training. If you can work Tuesday or Thursday between 10a.m. and 2p.m., call Evelyn at 737-2524 or the Common Cause office at 533-6996.

Under consideration for 1991 is a project which will highlight the Bill of Rights. Based on earlier League TV spots, subjects addressed in the Bill of Rights would be addressed by well-known community members. The spots would be aired during the summer. Donna Bebber was involved earlier and would love to hear from members who might be willing to help coordinate this project if it is voted upon. Call Donna at 833-6133 to get more information and sign on!

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