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Hawaii Area-wide Information Access Network

Debbie Kimball reported on fair access and citizen rights issue monitoring in the last issue of Leo Hana. Here is her update:


For Neighbor Islanders -- Citizens of Hawai'i at last! Calls have been received at three times the rate the State expected after toll-free numbers were opened to State offices beginning September first.

Call toll-free 800-468-4644 for Honolulu 548 & 543 State offices.

New access technology demonstrations will be coming to the neighbor isles soon.

Call Gail Iseri at 548-7890 -- through the 800 number -- for an invitation.

Hearings on all islands will be provided by the Legislative Access Committee in October or November. Watch your newspaper for the date or have Gail put you on the mailing list. Then speak your piece!

Hawian (Hawai'i Area-wide Information Access Network) microwave system installation in Hilo, Honolulu, Lihu'e, and Wailuku State Office Buildings is on schedule and should be completed December 29th.

The legislature opens January 17th and the network will permit voice, image and data exchange.

For all of Hawai'I -- it your League can use tree copies of the State Services Directory tabloid included with your newspaper recently, call Mr. Jim Manke, Director, State Information Service, for your one-time order.

Capitol Bulletin Board System, via computer modem, is now carrying interim activities information and one can request copies of bills and resolutions. It should list any interim meetings, including the hearings mentioned above.

On Hawai'i call 935-1748; on Kaua'i call 337-9280 or 338-9999; on Oahu call either 636-2888, 942-2508, 732-6901 or 499-1101.

Your State League has been very active on this issue over the years and applauds the State's actions towards open government.

And there is more to come! "Tune in" to the next LEO HANA and the media.

Debbie Kimball

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