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Convention Highlights

Delegates, the State Board and guests gathered at the Honolulu Club for two days of convention on May 20 and 21.

Anne Lee's President's report and presentation of nominations, budget and program proposals were the main business of the first day.

In addition to the existing program (found in State's Program and Action) two program proposals were offered by the Honolulu league. Delegates voted to consider a study on Leasehold Reform as related to Condominiums and Cooperatives.

Jerry Hess presented the Ed Fund report and following a few business details, Mary Anne Raywid closed session one with her thoughtful presentation.

Sunday morning delegates voted to adopt the current, and therefore continuing, program. They then discussed the study proposed by the Honolulu league. The motion to approve the non-recommended item failed for lack of the required votes.

Approval of the budget and election followed; members offered directions to the newly elected Board on solicitation for contributions and action on water; relations to the neighbor isle leagues and the need to alert each local league as members move to their area.

Newly elected president, Sandra Duckworth spoke on her hopes for the next two years. Sandra hopes there will be an advocate for the voter emphasis. She is hoping for a forum in the spring which will direct discussion on honesty, voter registration and ethics. (See her recent "Viewpoint.")

Closing the convention was a look at Public Participation in the Legislative Process. Sharing their perspectives were Representatives Carol Fukunaga and David Ige.

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