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Preparing for Convention

Recommended Program. At its March meeting, the State Board voted to recommend adoption of current state program areas for action for the next two years: campaign finance, initiative and referendum, legislative reform, state constitution, election laws and procedures, school board primary election, midterm legislative vacancies; juvenile justice, Hawai'i schools, choice in public education, land use, solid waste, and energy.

Non-recommended Program. Two proposals for new program came from the Honolulu League: a study of Hawai'i's jury selection system and a study of leasehold reform as related to condominiums and co-ops. After careful consideration, using the criteria for program selection found in In-League, the Board voted not to recommend either item for adoption by the Convention. These items will be discussed and voted on an convention.

Budget. The board also reviewed the budget prepared by Budget Committee members Lois Evora, Fay Hill, Vicki Zaleski, and Anne Lee. The proposed budget reflects an emphasis on voter service that is consistent with the National League's current focus. The Committee was able to retain the current per-memberpayment (PMP), but this means that the incoming board will need to put strong effort into its corporate and member fund drives in order to meet the projected expenses, which are around $14,000.

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