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Allan F. Saunders
Thoughts of a Legislative Observor (Evelyn Bender)
State Board Salutes Kaua'i League
President's Column (Anne Lee)
Keeping Democracy a Process for the People: An Impossible Dream?
Preparing for Convention
LVWEF Pooled Income Fund
Planned Parenthood Petition Drive
New State Board Members
League Definitions
Legislative Update


The LWV of Hawaii Ed Fund thanks:

Evelyn Bender for her contribution in honor of the memory of Allan Saunders; –

Ruth Snyder of Lincoln, NE, for her contributions in honor of Pat Shutt and Carol Whitesell for their many years of devoted service to the League.

The LWV of Hawaii thanks the following members for their recent contributions:

Thelma McLachlan;

– Pat Shutt, in honor of the memory of Allan Saunders.

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