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Allan F. Saunders
Thoughts of a Legislative Observor (Evelyn Bender)
State Board Salutes Kaua'i League
President's Column (Anne Lee)
Keeping Democracy a Process for the People: An Impossible Dream?
Preparing for Convention
LVWEF Pooled Income Fund
Planned Parenthood Petition Drive
New State Board Members
League Definitions
Legislative Update

League Definitions

Study: The process of gathering information for discussion by members with a view to reaching consensus and establishing positions on a subject adopted by Convention.

Action: Activities such as lobbying, letter writing, public statements on LWV positions that have been arrived at by member agreement (by concurrence or consensus – after study). Action on a state item by a local League requires state board clearance. Action by a local or state League on a national program item requires clearance by the LWVUS.

Concurrence: Substantial member agreement reached through group discussion or other methods of membership response based on information presented by a study committee. Members are asked to concur, or agree with, a statement rather than answer a question as with consensus. A concurrence statement may be a position held by another League or a decision statement recommended by a League board or study committee. The statement must be approved or adjusted as written.

Consensus: Substantial member agreement reached through group discussion or other methods of membership response. Consensus is the sense of the group rather than merely a majority opinion. Discussion is based on information prepared by a study committee and is guided by consensus questions.

Consensus Questions: Specific questions prepared by a study committee to stimulate interaction, focus discussion and facilitate conclusion by the group. Questions are approved by the appropriate League board.

Program: Government issues chosen by League members for concerted study and action.

Program Item: Individual parts of Program, such as NATURAL RESOURCES.

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