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What's Going on at the Legislature

What's Going on at the Legislature

As part of our continued monitoring of proposed legislation in order to determine what we can or cannot support, our desk has been overloaded just with constitutional amendments. Would you believe - 52 have been introduced this legislative session. With all the talk recently about the chaos (to put it mildly) at this year's session, we thought you might be interested in learning what some of those 52 are about. (By the way, only 12 of the 52 are companion bills.) True, some have already died - but if you ever wanted to know more about what our legislators are spending time on, this list may interest you:

Dealing with education (17 all together):

Change elected BOE to appointed (by Gov.) BOE Do same plus limit BOE powers

Have part-elected-part-appointed BOE

Have appointed (by Gov.) superintendent Abolish BOE and transfer powers to DOE

Set up local, district, state boards of education;

Remove commercial distribution of pornography from the right to privacy;

Provide for the indirect initiative process; Require all county elections to be nonpartisan; Provide for the recall of public officers;

Include Palmyra island in boundaries of State of Hawai'i; Provide for recall of judges;

- and many, many more.

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