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What If I Don't Agree with LWV Position

The League of Women Voters is composed of women and men from all segments of society. They bring many different ideas and experiences to the organization. It is probably inevitable that at some time some of us may find ourselves in disagreement with a stated League position. In this case we are free as individuals to take whatever action we choose, so long as it is clear that we are speaking for ourselves and not as representatives of the League.

The League speaks with but one voice, the voice of the majority. Each member of the League has a responsibility to all members of the League everywhere to not dilute that voice by assuming the role of League spokesman, and there-by protect the League's credibility and effectiveness. Over a period of time it is apparent that those who disagree with a League position today will agree with another position on some other occasion. Only the president speaks publicly for the League, and only she may authorize the use of its name.

Pat Shutt
National Board Member

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