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League Awarded Water Grant

The 1989 People's Water Conference, which was cosponsored by the State League, was held at the State Capitol in January and was well-attended. Dr. John Lewin, State Health Department Director, opened the conference and his presentation stimulated discussion of a number of ethical questions regarding the management of water resources and water quality. The conference participants also spent a considerable amount of time discussing who should pay for water resources development and water quality protection.

As a follow-up to the conference, the LWV/US Education Fund has awarded the Hawai'i League a pass-through grant in the amount of $500. The grant is for the State League's Drinking Water - Community Education Project and is made possible by the generous contributions of the George Gund Foundation, the American Waterworks Association, and the Environmental Protection Agency.

Money from the grant will be used to send copies of the LWV/US publication Safety on Tap to selected conference participants and decision-makers throughout the state in order to increase community understanding_ of drinking water issues.

Grants were awarded to 13 out of 28 Leagues that submitted proposals. Some other projects that were funded include:

  • program to educate fourthgraders on water issues;

  • production of a booklet on city's water quality that will address questions regarding home filters;

  • education campaign on leastcost water conservation;

  • six-week adult education program on water quality;

  • study on protection of reservoirs; and

  • sponsorship of a water-awareness week.

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