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New LWVUS Agriculture Position

The national board of LWVUS concluded the two-year memberagreement process on Agriculture with the adoption of its first position on agriculture. The Position in Brief is as follows:

Promote adequate supplies of food and fiber at reasonable prices, and support economically viable farms, environmentally sound farm practices and increased reliance on the free market.

Among the policies advocated in the full position statement, the League emphasizes the following:

Sustainable Agriculture. Federal policy should encourage a system of sustainable, regenerative agricultural production that moves toward an environmentally sound agricultural sector. This includes promoting stewardship to preserve and protect the country's human and natural agricultural resources.

Research and Development. Agricultural research, development and technical assistance should continue to be a major federal function. Resources should be targeted to developing sustainable agricultural practices and to addressing the needs of mid-size farms.

Agricultural Prices. The LWVUS supports an increasing reliance on the free market to determine the price of agricultural commodities and the production decisions of farmers, in preference to traditional price support mechanisms.

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