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Equitable Hiring Practices
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Interested in Protecting our Natural Resources?

Equitable Hiring Practices

Equitable hiring practices begin with help wanted ads and job applications that conform to the Hawai'i Employment Practice Law. There are various questions that at one time were commonly asked but have been the basis for discrimination. Information that cannot legally be asked includes date of birth, date of graduation, sex, marital status, and "are you pregnant?"

The State Department of Labor and Industrial Relations has published "A Guide for Application Forms and Interviews Under the Employment Practices Law," which charts legal and illegal inquiries. A copy can be obtained from the Enforcement Division offices in each district:

Oahu - 548-976

Hawai'i - 961-7391

West Hawai'i - 322-2775

Maui - 244-4322

Kaua'i - 245-4442

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