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Review of Council '88

State Council 88 opened with a morning business session attended by fourteen delegates and two observers. President Anne Lee challenged state and local Leagues to undertake a long-range planning effort in the near future, and the local Leagues continued the theme of "where we are going" in their reports. Kaua'i delegate Cira de Castillo reported that they are already engaged in long-range planning to strengthen and revitalize the Kaua'i League with an emphasis on increasing membership and visibility. Their plans include regular programs on cable TV and fundraising through publication sales and vote counts.

Hawai'i County also plans to work on membership, specifically to increase active membership; to emphasize program; and to bring information to the community through a series of monthly forums. Honolulu is planning major voter service activities this election year, including mayoral debates. and a series of issue-oriented TV spots between August 17 and November 8.

Delegates discussed membership development at length and proposed a number of suggestions for consideration at both the state and local levels.

Following lunch, Carol Whitesell conducted a workshop on League program. If you would like a taste of what it was like to be in this workshop, take a look at "Pop Quiz on League Program" on page 3 of this issue.

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