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From the President

If I have accomplished anything during my three years as president, the most significant may have been to sensitize my 14-year-old son to the value of the League. I have been summoned to the TV set with yells of "Look at this cat food commercial where they have a League of Feline Debate," and "On MTV they are saying to call your local LWV for information on registering to vote."

These TV items simply underscore the tremendous impact we have had as the credible sponsor of candidate debates and our important role as advocate for the voter.

For this reason I am particularly pleased to let you know that KHONTV2 will air a series of public service announcements produced by LWVUS and NBC. Throughout 1988 many NBC affiliated stations will carry these TAKE PART IN AMERICA messages featuring top stars from some of NBC's top programs: 227; A Different World; A Year in the Life; The Golden Girls; L.A. Law; Night Court; Alf; and Beverly Hills Buntz. The psa's encourage voter registration and informed voting -. be sure to watch for them on KHON-TV2. And thanks to Walter Chotzen who is helping distribute a companion poster to all our public and private high schools.

This coming election season will be an exciting one as we continue our tradition of voter service that citizens truly value. There is plenty to do, so be sure to contact your local League, or the State LWV, to let us know that you want to share in these efforts.

Anne Lee

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