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League at the Legislature

It was a busy legislative session; League members evaluated bills, helped draft legislation, wrote testimony, and worked with other groups interested in the same issues.

One of our goals was to make sure that the League was visible at the Legislature this year - and we think that we accomplished this. We sent letters to all legislators at the start of the session outlining our program for 1988. We sent them copies of our recent publication on reapportionment as well as other materials related to specific issues before them, and we followed up with testimony on a number of bills.

Another goal for this session was making sure that our, membership had the opportunity to get involved on some issues the State Board felt were priorities. In order to accomplish this, we sent all our members an Action Alert highlighting the areas of voter registration by mail, reapportionment, and bottle bills. We had positive feedback on the Action Alert, and we hope that many of you were able to get in touch with your legislators on these, or other, bills,.

We want to thank the many individuals and groups who submitted testimony supporting out positions: among them are Common Cause, Welcome Fawcett, Muriel Roberts, and the Lt. Governor's office. We apologize to anyone we may have left out, but hope you know that we appreciate your help.

Following are the issues we testified on and the members presenting, or preparing, testimony.


In favor of legislation to amend our state constitution and statutes regarding reapportionment. The bills we supported

would bring our laws into conformity with the U.S. constitutional law with respect to the population base used in determining district lines. (Anne Lee)


In favor of legislation to establish a statewide Fair Access Commission to review governmental accessibility for those who live outside of Oahu and to explore the various means to ensure that no citizen is cut off from participating in government or from receiving a fair share of public information and services. (Debbie Kimball and Rhoda Miller)


In favor of legislation providing for a non-partisan primary election for the Board of Education. (Evelyn Bender)

Commended the Legislature for moving toward choice in education, but expressed disappointment that they were attempting to provide choice only for students (i.e., district exceptions) rather than restructuring schools with full choice for teachers and administrators.


In favor of legislation designed to provide more openness in government and in favor of the Legislature adhering to the same guidelines it proposed for the administrative branch. In favor of several resolutions relating to public records. (Rhoda Miller)


In favor of legislation to reduce the generation, and promote the reuse and recycling of wastes, including a variety of bills aimed at encouraging beverage container redemption efforts. (Kiyoko Nitz)

In favor of legislation enhancing the public right to know about and participate in the disposition of public lands. (Kiyoko Nitz)

In favor of making appropriations for acquisition of easement for access to public parks, trails and shoreland, including sites deemed critical according to environmental, community and public use standards. (Kiyoko Nitz)

In favor of legislation clarifying that golf courses and driving ranges cannot be interpreted as being among the open space recreational uses which are permitted by right in State agricultural districts. (Carol Whitesell)

Opposed to legislation that would eliminate county review of housing projects proposed by the state's Housing Finance and Development Corporation because such a plan would virtually destroy the planning process that the counties and the state have worked so long to establish. (Carol Whitesell)

Urged, unsuccessfully, Representative Wayne Metcalf, Chair of the House Judiciary Committee, to hold hearings on initiative legislation. (Marion Wilkins)

To find out how these bills fared, watch for our legislative wrapup in the next LEO HANA.

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