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What Kind of School Would I Like? (Marion Saunders)

What Kind of School Would I Like?

Imagine you are 13 years old and about to enter junior high school. What kind of school would you choose to go to? Shape it in your mind...

  • would it be small and intimate, where I would know all the other kids?

  • would I find other kids with my interests?

  • would there be sports and contests that would teach me different games?

  • would I be able to do a project in photography, which is what I like most to do?

  • could my parents come to school and help out in my class?

  • would there be someone to listen to me, when I get excited about what I'm doing, or maybe frustrated?

You're thinking about a SCHOOL OF CHOICE – there are schools like that in many states – why not Hawai'i? The League is actively working to bring about schools of choice in these islands. Join us!

Marion Saunders
Education Chair

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