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Action for Education

At the end of this summer, the League of Women Voters of Hawaii formally adopted the following position on education:

Action to support the "Principle of Choice" for students, teachers, parents, and staff as appropriate and essential for improving performance and participation in secondary school functioning and programing.

This position allows us to act on all areas of choice in secondary public schools of Hawaii. These areas could include thefollowing:

  • Disseminating information on the principle of choice;

  • Making presentations to Parent Network and PTSA;

  • Soliciting the support of School Advisory Councils, the HSTA, and the HFT;

  • Monitoring meetings of the Legislative Education Committees;

  • Exploring whether and how rural schools can be served by the principle of choice;

  • Exploring the role of choice in Community Quest and other alternative programs in the DOE.

This is exciting action that we hope will make a difference in public education in Hawaii. We invite Leaguers and interested others to join our Education Subcommittees on:

  • Legislative Action for Education;

  • Vocational Education;

  • Teacher Support;

  • Student Motivation and Choice;

  • School Organization and Structure;

  • Parent Involvement in Schools.

If you are interested in any of these areas, please call the State Education Committee Co-Chairs: Libby Oshiyama (947-1058) or Marion Saunders (988-2635).

Libby Oshiyama

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