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Legislative Access for Neighbor Islanders

In the highly-centralized state of Hawaii, the Neighbor Island general public is greatly hindered in their participation in the legislative process by a lack of timely information from the Legislature and the expense and logistical problems involved in taking their concerns directly to the legislators.

In an attempt to remedy this situation, State Board member Debbie Kimball is asking for one-time kokua from all islands in the form of suggestions of individuals and organizations to be invited to join an information network/coalition on Improved Legislative Access for Neighborhood Islanders.

According to Debbie, "the technology is here, the time is now... and improved access for Neighbor Islands means improvements for Oahu as well!" Chairs of the House and Senate Legislative Management Committees, who are from Oahu and can be expected to follow this issue closely, are Rep. Carol Fukunaga and Sen. Patsy Young.

If you are interested in becoming a part of this coalition or if you know of organizations, such as Neighbor Island non-profit groups with public interest and/or state funding, that might be interested please send contact names (if possible), organization, address, and telephone number to:

Debbie Kimball
P.O. Box 1805
Lihue 96766

Debbie Kimball

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