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State PMP: How We Compare
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State PMP: How We Compare

At State Convention in May, the delegates adopted a per member payment (PMP) system to replace the local League pledge system as the means of support for the LWV/Hawaii. The PMP system is the way that the vast majority to State Leagues are supported.

Last Spring, LWV/US did a survey of PMP levels across the nation. According to the survey, LWV/Hawaii's proposed PMP of $11.50 (to take effect in 1988) is slightly higher than the median. Of the 44 states reporting, 14 had PMP's greater than $11.50 in 1987 (with the highest, $18.50, being paid by Leagues in Minnesota); 29 states had PMP's less than $11.50 (with the lowest, $5.00, being paid by Leagues in Delaware and Nevada.

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