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From the President

Those of you who recall my very first President's Column of two years ago, will remember the definition of a LWV President which I had found tucked away in an old file:

"The president will be all things to all members and in addition will bolster us when we are down; succor us in our need and despair; stroke us when we need a warm fuzzy; hand us the ammunition when we are firing and if necessary will fire the, gun if we become trigger-shy (provided, that is, the president is not already on the firing line leading the attack!). All things not included within the province of a particular portfolio become the province of the president."

At the time I first laid eyes on that definition I thought I understood its message. Suffice it to say that after two years as President I realize that I am nowhere near to a real in-depth understanding. But thanks to my 1985-1987 Board (Evelyn Bender, Marian Hatton, Tisha Hickson, Dee Dee Letts, Muriel Roberts, Libby Oshiyama, Marion Saunders, Jeanne Trebor-MacConnell, and Vicki Zaleski) I made progress. I know that the new State Board (Evelyn Bender, Tisha Hickson, Debbie Kimball, Dee Dee Letts, Kiyoko Nitz, Libby Oshiyama, Carole Westby, Carol Whitesell, and Vicki Zaleski) will help me make even more progress.

However, characterizing the State League's exciting past two years is easy: INCREASED VISIBILITY AND GETTING THE LEAGUE MESSAGE OUT! Gubernatorial Debates; an Education Study; a Conference for Action for Education; an Elections Laws Study; the Blessings of Liberty project co-sponsored with KHON-TV 2; the Blessings of Liberty minutes on KHVHNewsradio 99; and a news story on KGMB-TV at the close of our Convention 87 - to name a few of the things that happened.

And this goal of greater visibility and awareness of the League will continue to be a priority of the State Board as became clear at our first Board meeting of August 28-29. In addition, the Board is developing plans for more effective action on the positions we hold, financial stability, increased membership in the local Leagues, and voter service activities. As we proceed we'll keep you posted on where we are and where we think we are headed.

Our task as State Board members would be much easier if we could read the minds of our statewide membership. Alas, though we are all endowed with some talents, mind-reading is not one of them. So, please remember that without your input, we can't know what you, the members, want. YOU are the LWV of Hawaii. Let us hear from you!

Anne Lee

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