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Update: Natural Resources

Hawaii Coastal Zone Management Program

As of July 1, 1987, the DPED became the Dept. of Business and Economic Development. Planning and economic development activities were separated. Planning functions (State Plan, Long-range Planning) are attached to the Governor's Office. The Land Use division and the HCZM Program remain in the DBED.

Hawaii Water Code

The Hawaii Water Code is finally here; A new six person, part-time, unpaid commission on water resource management (Water Resources Commission) is to be established in the Dept. of Land and Natural Resources. The Hawaii Water Plan will consist of (1) Water Resources Protection and Quality Plan (prepared by the Water Board); (2) County Water Use and Development Plans (prepared by the counties); (3) State Water Project Plan (prepared by a State-lead agency); and (4) State Water Quality Plan (prepared by the Department of Health).

On the minus side, the chair of the Board of Land and Natural Resources will be the Water Commission chair. Also, the Code allows the sale of water covered by permits.

On the plus side, a statewide dispute resolution mechanism was established to bring all water disputes before the commission, rather than the courts, for expeditious and inexpensive resolution of conflicts both within and outside designated water management areas.

Ground Water Quality Protection

The Ground Water Technical Advisory Committee has met several times to help the DOH draft a strategic plan to meet the EPA requirements. Citizen participation was one of the EPA's specific requirements. Several community groups have been invited to participate in the Committee, and I am representing the League.

Kiyoko Nitz

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