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League of Women Voters Hawaii Program


    The State Board recommends retaining for action:

    Campaign Finance
    Initiative and Referendum
    Legislative Reform
    State Constitution
    Juvenile Justice
    Land Use
    Solid Waste
    Elections Laws

    NOTE: See LWVHi. Program and Action, 1985-1987 for details of these positions; the complete text of the Election Laws position will be distributed at Convention. RECOMMENDED NEW PROGRAM FOR 1987-1988:

    1. A study of vocational and alternative education in middle and secondary schools as a means for improving education for Hawaii's youth. (Continuation of study adopted Convention 1985).

      **Submitted by the State Board. Since adoption in 1985, this study ham brought the League new members, much visibility, and exciting events. The Committee is working hard and making great progress; however there is still much that needs to be done and the study should continue.

    2. A study of primary elections. Scope: This study will focus on (a) whether there should be a primary election for the non-partisan state school board, and (b) whether there should be presidential primaries in Hawaii

      **Submitted by the State Board. Theme are timely subjects given the intense debate taking place about the Board of Education and efforts by the Lt. Governor supporting presidential primaries. These topics are very manageable in terms of time and person power needed; Evelyn Bender and Marion Wilkins have agreed to co-chair the study.


    1. A study of alternative methods of replacing an elected state official who cannot serve.

      **Submitted by the Kauai League. The wording of this proposal appears vague and too broad. It is difficult to tell if this study is meant to cover filling s vacancy or also removal and if the focus is only on legislative seats or all offices. It is not clear that a State LWV study chair is available.

    2. A study of an elected versus an appointed State Attorney General.

      "Submitted by the Kauai League. The State Board felt that this would be a very complicated study and it was not clear that it was a timely issue at this point. It is also not clear that a State LWV study chair is available.

    3. Continue study of vocational/alternative needs of rural Hawaii.

      **Submitted by Kauai League. This will be covered by the education study described above.

    4. Study ways legislation can provide housing for low and moderate income residents.

      **Submitted by Kauai League. This is not necessary because of the National study Meeting Basic Human Needs which is evaluating public and private responsibilities for providing food, shelter, a basic income level and access to health care. Positions already established by the LWVUS cover housing and therefore can be used on the state/local level; these are being updated by the Meeting Basic Human Needs study.

    NOTE: The State Board commends the Kauai LWV for taking such an interest in program and providing the League with food for thought. We also want to remind members that the League is involved in two national studies requiring work, meetings, and consensus next year at the state and local levels.

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