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League at the Legislature

Following is a summary of the League's activities at the 1987 State Legislature prior to the 5-day recess in March.

S.B. 1140, RELATING TO VOTER REGISTRATION The League is in favor of increasing accessibility of voting and voter registration. Arlene Kim Ellis testified in favor of this bill, which would allow registration by mail.

S.B. 1307, H.B. 35, WATER CODE BILLS

League member Kiyoko Nitz, who also participated in the Water Code Roundtable, testified in support of the intent of these bills. Specifically, Nitz testified for (a) statewide inventorying of water uses, (b) water quality in stream-use standards, and (c) a statewide permit system. The League supports an independent water agency with strong participation by county governments in water management.


The League.. supports the right of privacy of the individual to 'make reproductive choices. The League signed testimony given by Planned Parenthood in opposition to this bill, which would require a physician to notify a minor's parent or guardian before performing an abortion.

Although the League has yet to adopt a position on educational reform, Marion Saunders gave informational testimony to the Senate Education Committee during its hearing on S. R. 30, Relating to Education Reform of the Structure of Time for Education. Saunders cited recent trends nationwide toward individual school autonomy and the involvement of parents and students in school decision-making.

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