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The Blessings of Liberty

"the blessings of liberty" project celebrating the constitution of the U.S., will consist of a series of public service announcements to run during June, July and August. Areas to be focussed upon include: checks and balances; free speech; separation of church and state; freedom of the press; voting; civilian control of the military; the blessings of citizenship; right to assemble; and others. This is a project of the LWV Hawaii Education Fund. It is made possible by KHON-TV 2 and the firm of LOWENTHAL. AUGUST & GRAHAM. The League would like to thank the following persons for agreeing to participate in the project:

Professor Mitsuo Aoki (Religious Freedom)

Michael R. Levine (Rights of persons accused of crime)

Dana Naone Hall (Freedom of Speech)

Admiral Ronald J. Hays (Providing for the Common Defense)

Corky Trinidad (Freedom of the Press)

Keo Sananikone (Blessings of Citizenship)

Patsy Mink (Right to Vote)

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