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Portion of Election Laws Study Completed

The State Board would like to congratulate Marion Wilkins and all the local league members who made the completion of the first part of the election laws study possible. This has been a timely, difficult and complicated study. The Board would especially like to extend it appreciation to Marion Wilkins who worked countless hours defining and researching issues. It is this kind of selfless commitment to League process and goals that makes the League a respected member of the community.

However, the job is not finished yet it is now the responsibility of all League members to implement this position and to continue to work to make our election system fair and equitable to all.

At the January meeting of the State Board, the results of local league meetings were reviewed and discussed. A position was reached on the second part of the study. Our complete Election Laws position now reads:

Action to ensure that government at all levels pays for special elections; private funds should not ho solicited or accepted. (position reached July 1986)

Action to support adequate safeguards to preserve the integrity of the ballot used in absentee voting and elections he mail; to ensure fairness to all voters. and minimize the opportunity for fraud.

Action to support voter registration by mail utilizing proper safeguards. (position reached January 1987)

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