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League Conference (Nov. 14-15, 1986) (Pat Shutt)
President's Message (Anne Lee)
League at the Legislature
Help Make this a Year of Unparalleled Success
Constitutional Bicentennial
State Program: Selection, Adoption, Use as a Basis for Action
Portion of Election Laws Study Completed
Fundraising Update

League at the Legislature

The League of Women Voters is fortunate as is the State of Hawaii to have several League members as members of the State Legislature. They are:

Senator Mary George Senator Bert Kobayashi Senator Mary-Jane McMurdo Representative Sam Lee Representative Barbara Marumoto Representative Tom Okamura

Mahalo to these members for their dedication to the League and to the political system.

The League will be following certain areas at the legislature this session. Listed below are the areas and the persons responsible. If you are interested in helping at the legislature contact the League office or the appropriate person listed below.

Juvenile Justice - Libby Oshiyama

Water - Kiyoko Nitz

Coastal Zone - Kiyoko Nitz

Land Use - Astrid Monson

Election Laws - Marion Wilkins

Initiative/Referendum - Marion Wilkins

Campaign Finance - Marion Wilkins

Schools and Education - Marion Saunders

Constitutional Amend. - Anne Lee

Reapportionment - Anne Lee

Environmental Issues - Anna Hoover

Reproductive Choice - Planned Parenthood
will follow this issue for us

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