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Nominees Wanted

LWV/Hawaii Nominating Committee seeks your help in identifying capable and committed League members who would enjoy the challenge of serving on the State Board during 1987-89.

The Committee is preparing a slate for presentation to the State Convention next May. At that time, delegates will elect a State President, Vice-President, Secretary-Treasurer, four Directors, and three members of the Nominating Committee. They will serve two-year terms.

Please include information about the experience and abilities of any person you suggest. And don't forget to include yourself! You may call any member of the Committee or write to us at the League Office. Your suggestions should reach us before January 1, 1987.

Members of the State Nominating Committee are: Carol Whitesell, Chair (261-6114 evenings); Tisha Hickson (395-5451); Yvonne Kearns (261-0197); Dee Lum (949-6716); and Muriel Roberts (Maui 879-5288).

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