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The Education Fund of LWV/Hawaii sponsored "A Conference for Action for Education -- A New Era in Hawaii," on November 14-15. The goal of the Conference was to explore how alternatives (choices) can revitalize public education at inter-mediate and secondary levels; thus promote excellence by increasing choice - choice for everyone -- students, teachers, parents, and public.

The keynote speaker was Dr. Mary Anne Raywid of Hofstra University in New York, who recently served as consultant to the Governors' Conference on Education. She spoke to policy makers on the advantages from the implementation of choice in education. Raywid explained that the best results and successes in these alternatives come when the total population -- teachers, administrators, pupils, and parents -- are involved.

Small discussion groups were held on: Communication Arts led by Joy Marsella, Director of Hawaii Writing Project; A Global Approach to Utilizing Student Learning Styles led by Libby 0shiyama, Alu Like; Technology Impacting Education led by Barbara Kagan, Computer Resource, Moanalua High School; Role of Administrators led by Patrick Hada, Teacher, Waipahu High School; Choice in Curriculum: Mathematics and Science led by Tony Picard of UH and Pauline Chinn of Roosevelt High School; Humanities and Social Studies led by Tom Jackson and Frank Brown of UH; Intermediate led by Ernesta Masagatani of Stevenson Intermediate School; and Career/Vocational led by Joanne Swearingen and Ken Kagehara of DOE; and Role of Teacher Education led by Philip Whitesell of UH.

The Conference Chair was Pat Shutt. Marian Saunders and Libby 0shiyama are the Co-Chairs of the LWV/Hawaii Education Study.

Further details from the Conference will be forthcoming.

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