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State Council

Adoption of the 1986-87 State League budget and the proposal to change the League members pledge were the two major actions taken by delegates to the May 17, 1986 State Council. The Council yielded a lively exchange of ideas among delegates from all islands.

Besides adopting the budget for the coming year, Council delegates directed the By-Laws Committee for Convention 1987 to offer an amendment establishing some form of per member payment method to replace or use in conjunction with the current local League pledge system. This direction to the By-Laws Committee does not necessarily mean that the Council or the State Board supports such an amendment. The work done by the Ad Hoc Committee on Financing the State League, however, showed substantial support for some form of per member payment, possibly in addition to a smaller base payment. It was the Council delegates' recommendation, therefore, to put such an amendment before the 1987 Convention and delegate action.

Council delegates and visitors also heard updates on four State League projects: the Election Laws Study, the Alternatives in Education Study, and the Gubernatorial and Congressional Debate Projects. According to Elections Laws Chair Marian Wilkins, local Leagues are in the process of taking consensus on the first part of the Elections Law

Study -- Who Should Pay for Special Elections? The three other projects are gearing up for the fall, with two debates to precede the general election, and the Education Conference, "Action for Education: A New Era in Hawaii," for November.

Workshops were held on Legislative Action and Air Pollution and a number of excellent ideas for action resulted. Delegates decided that the League's greatest legislative success was in the area of a job evaluation study heading toward pay equity. During the Air Pollution Workshop, delegates took the roles of State and local board members in planning action campaigns under the LWVUS position on air pollution. The not-so-hypothetical case study featured local companies' plans to burn coal.

The three active local Leagues reported on their activities. Both Hawaii County and Kauai Leagues announced successful fundraising efforts this year. The Honolulu League is currently focusing on transportation, and Delegate Arlene Ellis recruited members to help with Honolulu's survey of bus riders to be conducted in the early summer months.

Delegates participating in Council in addition to State League Board members included: Althea McCleery and Cira de Castillo from Kauai; Arlene Ellis and Yvonne Kearns from Honolulu; Doris Spafford and Virginia Isbell from the Big Island; and Evelyn Bender representing the Ed Fund.

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