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Anne Lee

President's Notes

In this issue of Leo Hana, we are delighted to recognize the many state-wide League members and corporations which so generously responded to our recent fundraising efforts.

The President of LWV/Florida used words some time ago that really impressed me and I would like to share them with you. In calling for statewide membership contributions, she penned: "We're not a single issue organization and we're not a single donation operation either." She then went on to point out some-thing which is true for League members across the nation: we all joined the League because we believe in the issues the League supports and because we believe in the kinds of activities the League is engaged in; these are things we all feel deeply about and why the organization exists. "But," she concluded, "they are not free."

We know that many Leaguers give generously of their time to the efforts of their Local League. And we want to take this opportunity to salute all the unsung heroines and heroes of the Hawaii County, Honolulu, and Kauai Leagues as well as our League members on Maui. We salute them too and certainly don't want them to stop that fine tradition.

But just as your Local League needs resources, so does your State League. As Leaguers, we are often asked to donate dollars and/or time to the LWV/United States, the LWV/ Hawaii, and our Local Leagues. All levels of the League are important; all need your support.

While those of us on and off the State Board, who have worked on these fundraising efforts, would love to sit back, take a tall drink, relax, and take a long vacation from thinking about money, we know that we can't. We must continue so that the LWV/Hawaii can grow and keep on providing important services for our statewide membership as well as for the citizens of Hawaii.

It goes without saying that all the contributions will make a difference! I know that I speak for the entire State Board when I say, "Mahalo." If there is an appropriate ending to this, the best is a million thanks for your support, but don't be surprised to find another request for money in your mailbox sometime in the future.

Anne Lee

LEO HANA is a publication produced by the League of Women Voters Hawaii

Anne Lee - President

Jeanne Trebor-MacConnell - Vice President

Tisha Hickson - Secretary

Vicki Zaleski - Treasurer

Evelyn Bender, Muriel R. Roberts, Dee Dee Lefts
Marion Saunders Marian Hatton Libby 0shiyama

The Guest Editors for this issue of Leo Hana have been Marian Hatton and Evelyn Bender.



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