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President's Notes

I would love to take a poll of League members to discover how many are daughters or sons of Leaguers. If I guess correctly, then we would find a great many. But how many times would we find out that through League business someone finds a long lost friend? I know that if such a question were asked we would get at least one positive response and I would venture to guess that there would be more. In any case, this is exactly what happened to me recently.

Several months ago our state league made a statement, in conjunction with the LWVUS, regarding legislation before Congress which would have exempted H-3 from all federal laws. In order to get broad support I wrote letters to League presidents in those states with senators sitting on the committee asking them to write letters.

One of those happened to be the president of the South Dakota League and because I spent a part of my childhood in South Dakota and because my mother had been an active Leaguer there (president of a local league)... well, I just could not keep myself from writing a little personal note explaining these things...

Imagine my utter amazement when I discovered, in the response, that the SD president was Elizabeth Williams who was the daughter of Eleanor Evenson-- Eleanor had worked with my mother in the League and Elizabeth had been my babysitter. Needless to say we all plead the 5th Amendment as to how long ago that was.

Elizabeth and I have started, and will continue, a lively correspondence catching up on news of

family and friends. But most important, we have all become even more aware of the warmth and strength of League ties. This is a tradition which we continue to pass on. Our efforts influence those around us so that our daughters and sons will also become Leaguers. Of course, we can't rely just on our offspring to keep the League going in the future. We must keep on bringing in new members so that their sons and daughters join.

My next poll will be based on the following story told to me by Marian Hatton, a hard working State Board member. Marian says that when her daughter was young, she and her best friend (also the daughter of a Leaguer and Marian's good friend) didn't play house--they played unit meeting. Now, how can I phrase that into a question?

Anne Lee

LEO HANA is a publication produced by the League of Women Voters Hawaii

Anne Lee President

Jeanne Trebor-MacConnell Vice President

Tisha Hickson Secretary

Vicki Zaleski Treasurer

Peter Herman Muriel R. Roberts

Dee Dee Letts Marion Saunders

Marian Hatton Libby 0shiyama

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