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Legislature: Triumphs Looking for Help
Stop Passing the Buck (or lack there of) for Human Services
Juvenile Justice Update
Peter's Principles (Peter Herman)
Convention '85 Elections: Not Such a Trivial Pursuit
Program: New Election Laws Study Proposed
Anorexic Budget Shows Need for Future Calories
Proposed Slate of Officers/Directors 1985-87

Program: New Election Laws Study Proposed

A new study on Hawaii's election laws and the continuation of all but two current programs are the State LWV Board's proposed program for 1985-87.

The proposed study on "Hawaii's Election Laws and Procedures" would cover: special elections (funding, scheduling, state regulations); primaries (presidential, open/closed, and BOE); registration and absentee ballot procedures. The study was proposed because of State and local Leagues' concerns about aspects of the controversial Nukolii initiative, specifically the use of private funds to pay for the special election, and the widespread use of absentee ballots. Last summer, the board considered a proposal for a concurrence on private funding of elections, but decided that a more comprehensive study, such as the one being proposed, was needed to address these complex questions.

The state board is also proposing that all but two current programs be continued. The programs being recommended for discontinuation include Boards and Commissions (since no work has been done on this study since its adoption in 1983, and there is little interest or action potential) and Sunshine in Collective Bargaining (because no action on this position has been taken since 1976, and future action is unlikely).

Current programs proposed to be retained include: Campaign Finance, Initiative and Referendum, Legislative Reform, State Constitution, Juvenile Justice, Schools, Land Use, Solid Waste, and Energy.

Additionally, convention delegates may vote to consider two non-recommended programs proposed by the Kauai LWV. These include a study on Vocational and Alter-native Education in Hawaii and the Role of the State Land Use Commission.


League program consists of those government issues that League members choose for concerted study and action. The state board presents a recommended program to local Leagues and the Convention after consideration of the suggestions received from local Leagues during the program-making process. Non-recommended items are those suggested for study during program-making but not included in the boards recommended program. They require approval by 3/5 of convention delegates for adoption.

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