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Constitutional Amendments '84

The League of Women Voters of Hawaii is supporting two constitutional amendments which would allow more flexibility in setting deadlines for introducing bills in the legislature and, authorize lawmakers to take two or more shorter recesses during the session.

These amendments are two of four which voters will see on the ballot during the November General election. (See Program and Action for LWV Hawaii positions on legislative reform and the State Constitution.)

If approved, Constitutional Amendment #2 would allow the legislature to set any day it wants as the deadline for introduction of bills. The Constitution now requires that the cut-off day for introducing bills come no sooner than after the 19th day of session. The current practice is to set day 20 as the cut-off day. Proponents of the amendment cite that an earlier cut-off day, preferred by many legislators, would allow more time for committee hearings and more bills could be grouped by subject matter for those hearings. An earlier cut-off date would also lessen the pressure to schedule hearings during the recess and late evening hours, would allow more time to post hearing notices for the general public, and would make the State Legislature a more deliberative body. If the constitutional amendment is adopted, interested citizens will know earlier in the session what bills have been introduced and efforts to follow them may be less hectic.

Constitutional amendment #4 would do away with the current requirement that there be one recess of not less than five days during the session, to allow legislators to set two or more recesses of shorter duration. This amendment, long supported by the LWVH, would allow and encourage legislators time to go back to their constituents to discuss the issues.

Other proposed amendments which will be on the November ballot involve excess revenues, and the method of paying legislators. The LWVH has no positions on these proposals.

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