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ERA Lives!

Hawaii League member Suzanne Meisenzahl has taken over the reins as the LWV State Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) Chair. Meisenzahl, a Honolulu member who served on the Reproductive Rights study committee, is handling the LWV's ERA lobbying activities and will spearhead the formation of a revived ERA coalition. Although the ERA suffered a temporary setback in the U.S. House in November, the LWV commitment to passage of the amendment is proceeding, she states.

Meisenzahl became active in women's issues after participating in the International Women's Year Conference at Farrington High School in the 1970's. She explains: "By uniting with other organizations sharing our goals, we will have a stronger voice. We can let Congress know that Hawaii, the first state of ratify the ERA, still supports a constitutional guarantee of equality of rights under the law for all people, regardless of gender."

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