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League Program Begins with You

State Convention is the culmination of a program-making process that begins now and seeks to involve as many LWV members as possible. Local Leagues discuss possible program items and recommend ideas to state board; the board, in turn, considers each issue and advises local leagues at least two months before Convention (June 1983).

Several interesting topics have been suggested to state board. They include jury selection, makeup of boards and commissions, election of judges, school programs, environmental agencies. For new members, here's a review of League procedure:

6/83 -Study items are adopted at State Convention.

83-84 - Study committee researches issue, may publish information, hold discussion meetings.

84-85 - Consensus is taken and state board takes action on position.

6/85 - State Convention decides if new program items should be adopted, old ones revised or dropped.

The Spring Leo Hana will list current state program and recommended new pro-gram items, in time for Local League discussion before State Convention.

Criteria to consider in evaluating new program items include:

  • Is the issue consistent with League principles?

  • Can the issue be solved by govern-mental action?

  • Is the issue of statewide concern?

  • Can the League take effective action on this issue?

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