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Leagues Around the State

HAWAII COUNTY: At the request of the mayor, this local League undertook to conduct six public meetings on the initiative proposal that would no longer restrict initiative on the Big Island from addressing financial matters (proposal passed). Hilo and Kona units each held public meetings which featured our TV tape, "Slowly Dying Embers - Nuclear Waste in the Pacific"; Marion Saunders, state ACTION chair, con-ducted a legislative workshop for LWV and AAUW members.

KAUAI: Doughty members of this League are still picking up the pieces after Hurricane Iwa; President Charlotte McFadden was completely wiped out. But they're still planning a program-making meeting in January, and working on the Kauai General Plan.

MAUI: Our newest local League begins work on its "Know Your County" project and holds its first annual meeting in January. They are also contributing to our JJ brochure.

HONOLULU: Our largest League has been experimenting with different types of meetings, trying to meet the needs of an ever-growing number of working members. A series of luncheon meetings, with speakers on various topics, such as the upcoming legislative session, women and work and international trade, have been successful in bringing out members and stimulating discussion. Several vote counts, a wine-and-cheese fundraiser, and a legislative workshop with ACTION chair Marion Saunders are on the January agenda.

All Local Leagues are asked to discuss the School Prayer issue at their January meetings (see enclosed information sheet).

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