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Missiles or What?
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Missiles or What?

CRUISE MISSILE: A pilotless missile propelled by an air-breathing jet engine that flies in the atmosphere. Cruise missiles may be armed with either conventional or nuclear warheads and launched from an aircraft (ALCM), a Submarine or surface ship (SLCM) or a land-based platform (GLCM).

BALLISTIC MISSLE: a missile, classified by range, that moves on a free-falling trajectory under the influence of gravity.

MX: Missile experimental. A U.S. ICBM now in the research and development phase, which is designed to replace the current ICBM force.

ICBM: Intercontinental ballistic missile which is land-based and has a range of 4,000 or more nautical miles.

IRBM: Intermediate range ballistic missile.

MRBM: Medium range ballistic missile.

SLBM: Any ballistic missile launched from a submarine.

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