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A family/trial law attorney with Damon, Key, Char & Bocken, Peter Herman has been involved with public policy issues for over 10 years. Herman, a 1971 graduate of Stanford Law School, drafted and coordinated major legislation for a California State Senator for 6 years. He also directed the Citizens for Effective Public Policy, a non-profit California corporation involved in health, social policy and tax issues.

CAROL WHITESELL, Vice President/Administrative Assistant to the President

Active in the LWV since 1968, Carol Whitesell is serving her third term as the State league's vice president. She has held a variety of positions at both the Honolulu and State league levels, most recently as part-time office manager of the Honolulu branch.

JOAN DAVENPORT, Secretary/Energy Chair

Joan has been a league member since 1948 starting in Concord Ma. and has vast experience in numerous areas from recorder to president. She joined the Honolulu League and worked with legislative committee in 1982 and is currently a docent for the Honolulu Academy of Art.


A 1966 graduate of the University of Hawaii's drama department, Jeanne Trebor-MacConnell has been involved with the political process since 1973. She is presently studying to become a Certified Financial Planner and hopes to graduate in 18 months.

CATHERINE FILSON, National Security Chair

Cathy Filson currently serves as a student intern at the University of Hawaii-Hilo, researching ocean politics with special emphasis on Law of the Sea. Filson worked as a California Youth Authority social worker prior to moving to Hawaii.

ANNE LEE, Government Issues Chair

Anne Lee teaches Political Science at West Oahu College and is serving a second term as chair of the League's Government Issues Committee. Lee is also lead plaintiff in the League's Reapportionment lawsuit now before the Federal District Court.

DEE DEE LETTS, Leo Hana Editor

Dee Dee Letts is a relatively new member to the League but has several years experience in citizen organization and input to public policy through her former association with Life of the Land. She currently works as a planner for the Hawaii Community Development Authority.

MURIEL R. ROBERTS, Human Resources/ Social Policy Chair

Muriel Roberts has been active in the League since 1966, in locations such as Idaho, Seattle, Honolulu and currently Maui. Muriel, office manager for her pediatrician husband, served as Voter Education Administrator for the State of Hawaii under Lieutenant Governor Jean King.


Marion Saunders, now serving a second term as Action Chair, was one of the Honolulu League's first leaders when it was formed in the late 1940's. She has served as Director of the UH Continuing Education for Women Program and on the State Board of Education.

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