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Action! (Marion Saunders)
League Testifies at Legislative Hearings
Voters Service (Marian Wilkins)
Juvenile Justice (Catherine Filson)
Around the State
Water (Linda Lai Hipp)
Legislation on Water (Linda Lai Hipp & Anna Hoover)
Energy (Joan Davenport)
Reapportionment Update (Anne Lee)
State Convention
LWV of Hawaii Proposed Budget 1983-84

State Convention

State Convention is a time for Leaguers throughout the state to gather and discuss League business. For the outgoing board, it's a time to sum up and pass on the responsibilities of office. For the incoming President, it's a time to meet Leaguers en masse, report on the exciting events of National Council, and give us inspiration for the next two years' work. This year, for the first time, we have a man nominated for the presidency. The slate includes:

President: Peter Herman

Vice-President: Carol Whitesell

Secretary/Treasurer: Joan Davenport

Directors: Cathy Filson, Anne Lee, Dee Dee Letts, Marion Saunders*

Nominating Committee: Anna Hoover, Rhoda Miller, Fran Burgess**

*two additional directors will be appointed at Convention

**two members of the incoming board will be appointed to the new nominating committee

Thanks to the 1983 nominating committee for this slate: Carol Whitesell (chair), Helen Griffin, Caroline Ingersoll, Marian Wilkins, Mary Ellen Reed.

No time for League? Make time! Our workshop on time management should prove personally helpful to all who attend. They, in turn, can pass on these valuable skills to other League members. We have an exciting pro-gram planned:

1983 State LWV Convention

Sheraton Hotel - June 3-4, 1983 Chinese Dinner $13.75 (no host) -

Friday, June 3, 6 p.m.

***Panel of speakers on Education*** Convention $15/delegate

Saturday, June 4, 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Registration (fee includes coffee, lunch, materials)

Presentation of business of Convention*

State Board Reports

Workshop: Time Management Lunch: speaker on Juvenile Justice *Business: budget, program, election Address of incoming President

Only one new program item, the study of boards and commissions, has been recommended by the state board for the 1983-85 program. In addition, members have suggested a study of school curriculum; the death penalty; legislative redistricting; inter-island transportation and communication. These will be presented at Convention as non-recommended study items for member consideration.

Our budget has been pared down a bit; we hope to do our work with about $1000 less than last year.

Boards and Commissions Study Item

After doing the preliminary re-search on the subject of Boards and Commissions, we are finding that it is more complex and has more ramifications than meets the eye. We are recommending that this be a program item for next year. Honolulu League has also recommended this study.

What led us to this recommendation was partly the realization that every single member of the 200 or so state Boards and Commissions is ultimately appointed by the governor. This is a lot of power. How does the Governor obtain these names? Do certain people serve on one after the other board? There are other questions such as how much do all these Boards and Commissions cost? Do they really fulfill a needed function? etc. There was a very interesting article in the Illinois Voter about a study done in one city there. It turned out that almost every member of Boards and Commissions there was a middle-aged white male - most of whom lived in two upper-class neighborhoods.

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