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Juvenile Justice

UNDER EIGHTEEN AND UNDER ARREST: Step-BY-Step From Apprehension to Disposition in Family Court is hot off the press. Thanks go to Rhoda Miller for bird-dogging all these months. 5,000 copies are ready for distribution through DOE, Police, Libraries, and Family Court. All that remains is to write the outer-islands' version which will be done as an insert. The Teacher's Guide is an insert.

The committee is recommending to Ed Fund, via a memo, that the pro-posed booklet on social services not be undertaken. It appears we would have a very small audience of users whose needs are being met by others. We believe the objectives of the proposal have been met in the three publications in conjunction with our own "League Looks at Lock Up."

Rhoda represented the League at the Conference on Juvenile Justice Prevention Program on Maui February 18. I attended the Hawaii Correction-al Association Institute and Conference January 13-14. There were some telling statistics presented which will be useful in working with decision makers.

Marion Saunders is overseeing presenting testimony relating to creation of a position of Educational Coordinator who would serve half-time at Hawaii Youth Correctional Facility and our opposition to reducing the age of waiver to adult court below 16 years. Both 12 and 14 are being proposed. We do not expect to seek detention facilities on Hawaii and Kauai this session. The numbers which would be served are too few to make pursuing this feasible at this time. On Hawaii, the jail-removal pro-gram is working well.

Catherine Filson

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