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Action! (Marion Saunders)
League Testifies at Legislative Hearings
Voters Service (Marian Wilkins)
Juvenile Justice (Catherine Filson)
Around the State
Water (Linda Lai Hipp)
Legislation on Water (Linda Lai Hipp & Anna Hoover)
Energy (Joan Davenport)
Reapportionment Update (Anne Lee)
State Convention
LWV of Hawaii Proposed Budget 1983-84

LWV of Hawaii Proposed Budget 1983-84



Each program area is listed as a separate category, and the spending areas are as follows:

Direct Costs include: publications, study materials, outside workshops or conferences and committee business. It also includes community education (public relations to inform the public; publishing, work-shop expense, including kits, room rental, lunch, registration, in-formational flyers). Action costs include press releases, lobbying, testimony, workshops and publications.

Allocated Costs include rent, telephone, postage, electricity, office supplies, printing, insurance, tax and license, board tools and expenses, equipment maintenance.

Thanks to Budget Committee: Trudi Zelko, chair; Opal Sloane, Fay Hill, Caro-line Ingersoll, Rhoda Miller. Also to Anna Hoover and Pat Shutt for volunteer assistance.

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