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Action! (Marion Saunders)
League Testifies at Legislative Hearings
Voters Service (Marian Wilkins)
Juvenile Justice (Catherine Filson)
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Water (Linda Lai Hipp)
Legislation on Water (Linda Lai Hipp & Anna Hoover)
Energy (Joan Davenport)
Reapportionment Update (Anne Lee)
State Convention
LWV of Hawaii Proposed Budget 1983-84

Around the State

HONOLULU league held a very successful wine tasting fundraiser, and begins their annual corporate fund drive this month. Members are kept busy attending City Council meetings and monitoring every Council committee meeting as well.

HAWAII COUNTY league will hold a joint (Hilo-Kona) annual meeting April 30th and have invited Honolulu council and League member Welcome Fawcett and state board member Anne Lee to come and speak about single vs. multi-member district representation.

KAUAI Leaguers are busy monitoring their county council, too, as well as testifying on public transportation, and studying hydro-electric power on Kauai.

MAUI League continues its "Know your County" study with a planned public meeting. Former Honolulu member Muriel Roberts is assisting.

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