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What's Happening Around the State

All Local Leagues are busy sponsoring Meet-the-Candidates events:

HAWAII COUNTY's Kona unit scored a big success with their August 4th District public forum, carried live on radio and attended by 70 people. They followed with a 3rd District night in September; the Hilo league also held a September candidates' meeting. LWV volunteer Nimfa Simylko, wearing a flower in her hair and a wide smile, registered more than 1000 people at the Hilo Mall; a grumpy paid worker registered only a few. Is there a lesson to be learned?

HONOLULU held an open-air noontime event downtown, drawing a sizable crowd and media coverage. This League is doing battle with the City Council over General Plan revisions and is urging Oahu voters to vote NO on the revised city charter.

KAUAI will meet their County Council candidates at a general meeting on October 21. Under the direction of Debbie Kimball, this league has been working hard on citizen participation in the General Plan, holding meetings, distributing information, and hosting radio programs. On October 19 they will sponsor mainland planner Larry Suss-kind at a community meeting. "On target" said Larry when he read LWV's position papers on housing, energy, economic development and other areas of the General Plan.

MAUI held two candidates' forums, in co-operation with the Exchange Club, BPW, and Maui Chamber of Commerce. They received a mixed response from the candidates, some of whom objected to a request for a participation fee to cover food and rent expenses, others to the complexity of the questions they were asked to address. But many, including the public, gave high marks to the LWV for sponsoring two interesting and thought-provoking evenings.



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