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Voters' Service

Work in this committee is just be-ginning and huge projects loom on the horizon. We will be working with the Lieutenant Governor's office to produce a voter information pamphlet, on the state-wide offices only, which will be distributed in the newspaper. At the end of September, we will sponsor a debate between the gubernatorial candidates on Channel 4. After the elections, we will be writing a brochure on the citizen boards and commissions at both state and county levels. This project was inspired by a brochure published by the Florida League and we have been encouraged by Mary Bitterman, Director of Regulatory Agencies, in our plan to write one for Hawaii.

Marian Wilkins
Voters' Service chair


July 20 - last day for filing

Sept. 12 - Voters' Information Pamphlet

Sept. 18 Primary Election

Sept. 26 - (tentative) T.V. Debate

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